Loma La Gloria Red Bourbon


Loma La Gloria

Loma La Gloria (“Hill of Glory”) is owned and operated by second generation producer Anny Ruth, who was introduced to the world of specialty coffee more than 20 years ago when her father, Roberto, purchased the farm and began cultivating his first crops.

Roberto, who was a civil engineer by trade, and an inherent visionary, saw a great deal of potential in his new property. Shortly after acquiring the farm he began construction on a state-of-the-art coffee processing mill.

The facility was completed in 2001, but left abandoned for many years, due to an ongoing coffee crisis in El Salvador at the time. During this period, the coffee being produced at Loma La Gloria was sold off to various mills throughout the region.

Things changed in 2012 when Anny, who had just finished completing her Master’s degree in Business, stepped in to oversee the operation. Today, she takes careful measures to control the processing, quality, and traceability of all of the coffee that is grown at Loma La Gloria.

Honey Process

Anny and her team are quite meticulous in regards to their honey processed lots. They harvest all of the coffee by hand to ensure that only the ripest possible cherries are being selected, before being sorted by size, quality, and sugar content in order to create uniform lots.

The coffee is then” de-pulped” meaning the majority, but not all, of the fruit flesh is removed using specialized equipment. Each lot is then sun-dried in an open-air environment.

Anny and her crew are able to control the specific amount of fruit pectin that remains on each bean. The more fruit remaining, the more the coffee will resemble a naturally processed coffee in terms of sweetness and body.

The coffee must be turned regularly in order to avoid defect, mold, or over-fermentation. The production staff at Loma La Gloria typically rotate honey processed coffee several times each day in order ensure the coffee dries thoroughly.

Their work speaks for itself. Year-in and year-out Anny and her team are responsible for producing some of the most complex and well-balanced El Salvadorian coffees on the market.

Brewing Red Bourbon

This lot is the result of attentive processing and intentional varietal selection. Intense sweetness is balanced by an array of fruitful, sweet, and rich flavors, providing a dynamic, yet well-rounded, cup.

Pour Over preparation yields an exceptionally well-balanced coffee with distinct tasting notes. Expect the lively qualities of fresh blackberries combined with the confectionary sweetness of toffee, and a pleasantly rich cocoa-like aftertaste.

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AeroPress brewing will offer a similar cup, albeit one with slightly less flavor clarity. A berry-like acidity is once again matched by the intense sweetness; as the cup cools chocolate notes intensify, leading to a long and pleasant aftertaste.

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