El Salvador - Loma La Gloria Yellow Bourbon


Cup Profile: Balanced  

This coffee offers moderate levels of sweetness and acidity, leading to a rounded cup with mildly fruitful and pleasantly rich tasting notes.

In The Cup: 

This Natural processed lot from Quetzaltepec, El Salvador yields a balanced cup with a Cocoa like aroma and smooth mouthfeel; anticipate notes Pear, Honeydew, and Pomelo.


Loma La Gloria, “Hill of Glory”, is owned and operated by second generation coffee producer Anny Ruth. 

Anny and her team are meticulous in regards to their natural processed lots. They harvest all of the coffee by hand to ensure that only the ripest possible cherries are being selected. 

The coffee is then carefully sorted by size, quality, and sugar content in order to create uniform lots, before being placed in neat rows and sun-dried in an open air environment.  

Each lot is turned regularly during the drying phase in order to avoid defect, mold, and/or over-fermentation. The crew at Loma La Gloria rotates the natural processed coffees multiple time each day, allowing them to dry thoroughly and uniformly.

Their work speaks for itself, year in and year out Anny and her team are responsible for producing some of the finest El Salvadorian coffees on the market.