Bear Meadows Blend


Bear Meadows is an earthy and inviting blend of coffees that is roasted slightly darker than the majority of our year-round offerings. Rich chocolate notes combined with mild acidity and brown sugar sweetness provide a cup that feels timeless and familiar.

Loma La Gloria

Loma La Gloria, “Hill of Glory,” is owned and operated by second generation coffee producer Anny Ruth. She was introduced more than 20 years ago when her father, Roberto, purchased the farm and began cultivating coffee.

Anny and her team at Loma La Gloria are meticulous with their natural processed coffees. They harvest by hand to ensure that only the ripest possible cherries are being picked. The coffee is then carefully sorted, by quality, size, and sugar content in order to create uniform lots. Next the cherries are carefully placed in neat rows, and sun-dried in an open air environment.

The coffee must is turned regularly in order to avoid defect, mold, or over fermentation. The crew at Loma La Gloria typically rotates the naturally processed coffee multiple times per day in order for their coffees to dry thoroughly and uniformly. Their work speaks for itself, and this year’s harvest from Loma La Gloria has brought us some of the most complex, yet balanced, El Salvadorian coffees that we have ever had.


Paubrasil, named for Brazil’s national tree, is a classic example of a natural processed coffee from Cerrado Mineiro. This lot showcases the expertise of well seasoned farmers using the best available technology to produce exceptionally well balanced coffees that display specific origin characteristics.

Most farms within Cerrado Mineiro are medium to large scale estates, which are lined with row after row of neatly positioned coffee trees. Producers take advantage of the gradual slopes of the region by using machines to quickly and efficiently harvest their coffee.

Cerrado Mineiro is known for having well structured seasons; hot wet summers are followed by dry winters. Farmers harvest and process their coffee in the winter months and the lack of humidity during this time allows natural processed coffees to dry thoroughly and evenly, without risk of defect.

These harvesting and processing conditions, in addition to the soil content, altitude, and other climatory features, are responsible for the singular profile of coffees from Cerrado Mineiro; pleasant earth notes balanced with a distinct confectionary-like sweetness.

Brewing Bear Meadows

While initially conceived as an espresso blend, Bear Meadows is a versatile coffee that is also well suited for auto-drip brewers.

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