Batch Brew Guide

An automated process designed to simplify your morning routine. Although Batch Brewers come in all shapes in sizes (and with a variety of features) most will produce medium bodied coffee with a pleasant balance of sweetness and acidity.

Watch this video and brew along with us!



2 SERVINGS - 30g Coffee : 480g Water
3 SERVINGS - 45g Coffee : 720g Water
4 SERVINGS - 60g Coffee : 960g Water
3 SERVINGS - 75g Coffee : 1200g Water


  1. Weigh desired amount of coffee and grind at a Medium setting
  2. Measure and/or weigh corresponding amount of filtered water
  3. Add the water to the machine's reservoir
  4. Rinse the filter thoroughly and discard excess water
  5. Add your ground coffee to the brewer, and tap or shake to level


  1. Press the “START” or “ON” button on your brewer
  2. Allow all liquid to pass through brewer before removing carafe
  3. Serve 

Download a Step-by-Step PDF Batch Brew Guide