Solstice - Winter Seasonal



Solstice offers a full-bodied and smooth mouthfeel; this coffee presents rich chocolate and/or “nutty” notes, with hints of fruit, and the sweetness of browning sugars

This Washed and Natural processed lots from Colombia and El Salvador yields a rich cup with a dense mouthfeel; look forward to approachable notes of Baking Spice, Walnut, and Dark Chocolate 

Solstice is a seasonal offering that combines two single varietal lots from Central America… The first is a naturally processed lot of pacamara from our friends at Loma La Gloria in El Salvador, and the second is washed process lot of Caturra from producer Rodrigo Sanchez in Huila, Colombia. 

Our roasting team chose to blend these two distinct coffees in order to present a rich cup with a flavor profile that compliments the season. 

The naturally processed pacamara is responsibly for dynamic citrus notes and intense sweetness, which are complemented perfectly by the unique aromatics and rich qualities of the washed lot from Rodrigo Sanchez.