As our flagship blend, Singlespeed is crafted to please the masses. Excellent as an espresso, or a filter coffee, we source and roast its components with versatility in mind. This is a do-it-all coffee that is straightforward and easy to work with, regardless of skill level… just like its namesake.

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El Progreso

Finca El Progreso is owned and operated by Rodrigo Sanchez, an award winning producer, who has earned his reputation for quality through his systematic approach to varietal selection, harvesting, and processing. While Rodrigo credits his success to his attention to detail, he is always experimenting with new varieties and processing techniques in order to produce the best crops possible.

This coffee goes through a unique two phase fermentation cycle, a process that Rodrigo has aptly named “Double Fermentation”, in order to increase the coffee’s sugar content. After harvest, cherries are placed into an open air tank and left to ferment for 36 hours, with their fruit intact. The coffee is then de-pulped (its fruit is removed) and the beans are allowed to ferment once more for an additional 44 hours.

The initial phase of fermentation is crucial because it raises the coffee’s Brix level (a measurement of sugar concentration) by up to 4 degrees. Rodrigo and his team utilize Brix measurements to help determine which processing method will be best for a variety of different coffees.

Coffees that measure in at exactly 22 Brix degrees are designated for “Double Fermentation”. These coffees contain slightly too much sugar to implement the natural process, without running the risk of over fermentation and/or rotting, and just under the requisite level of sugar to produce high quality coffees using the washed process. That is why the initial fermentation is pivotal. Boosting the sugar content, before removing the layers of fruit, allows Rodrigo to utilize seemingly lackluster crop to create the wonderfully complex and vibrantly sweet coffee, that we look forwarded to roasting day in and day out.


Paubrasil, named for Brazil’s national tree, is a classic example of a natural processed coffee from Cerrado Mineiro. This lot showcases the expertise of well seasoned farmers using the best available technology to produce exceptionally well balanced coffees that display specific origin characteristics.

Most farms within Cerrado Mineiro are medium to large scale estates, which are lined with row after row of neatly positioned coffee trees. Producers take advantage of the gradual slopes of the region by using machines to quickly and efficiently harvest their coffee.

Cerrado Mineiro is known for having well structured seasons; hot wet summers are followed by dry winters. Farmers harvest and process their coffee in the winter months and the lack of humidity during this time allows natural processed coffees to dry thoroughly and evenly, without risk of defect.

These harvesting and processing conditions, in addition to the soil content, altitude, and other climatory features, are responsible for the singular profile of coffees from Cerrado Mineiro; pleasant earth notes balanced with a distinct confectionary-like sweetness.

Brewing Singlespeed

While often prepared as espresso, Singlespeed is a versatile coffee that is well suited for auto-drip brewers…in fact we serve it as our “house” coffee in our retail spaces.

Under extraction will lead to a citrus forward cup that lacks sweetness, and provides an almost salty finish, while over extraction will yield an exceptionally earthy brew with an uninspiring lack of fruit acidity.

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