Signature Variety Box


Whether you're having a hard time choosing just one coffee or you're new to Rothrock Coffee, this variety box will give you a great overview of our approach to coffee sourcing and roasting our Signature, year round offerings. 

Use our Brew Guides or learn more about the coffees in your box with coffee stories below.


Signature Series Adventure

Adventure through our year-round Signature Coffees:

Ridgeline - Ridgeline is our lightest roasted year round offering. Aromatic and complex, components are carefully sourced to provide a cup with prominent fruit characteristics and complementary sweetness.

Creekside - This coffee’s refreshing, juice-like, mouthfeel and fruitful sweetness are tempered by rich chocolate and nut qualities; reminding us of of the vibrant, yet relaxing, nature of our favorite local waterways.

Bear Meadows - Bear Meadows highlights the approachable chocolate, nut, and spice flavors of its components, while maintaining just enough brightness to pique the interest of specialty coffee connoisseurs.

Trailside - Trailside is a darker roast, for those who seek a traditional flavor profile.

Singlespeed - As our flagship blend, Singlespeed is crafted to please the masses. Excellent as an espresso, or a filter coffee, we source and roast its components with versatility in mind.