Nicaragua Regalo de Dios


Finca Un Regalo de Dios

This lot comes to us from Finca un Regalo de Dios, which is located in the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua. The 179-acre property rests in the Dipilto-Jalapa mountains, with the majority of the farm (130 acres) being dedicated to producing coffee. The farm is owned by Luis Alberto, a multiple-time Cup of Excellence winner, who grows several premium varieties of coffee including: Red & Yellow Catuai, Pacamara, Java, Bourbon, and some Hybrids. He produces extremely high quality Washed, Honey, and Natural processed coffees.

Natural Processing

At first glance, the Natural Process appears straightforward and simplistic, however producers of specialty coffee must pay careful attention to every detail in order to put forth high quality coffees.

Farmers, and their staff, maintain meticulous standards during harvest to ensure that they are selecting only perfectly ripe cherries in an effort to minimize the potential of defect and maximize profitability. Coffee is then sorted, typically using flotation tanks, before moving on to the drying phase.

For Natural coffees, the drying phase is where fermentation takes place, thus making it the key to this processing method. The manner in which, and length of time that, microorganisms break down the the fruit flesh of the coffee cherry has a tremendous impact on the coffee’s flavor profile and cup characteristics.

If coffee dries too quickly it lacks the depth of flavor that excites connoisseurs of specialty of coffee. On the other hand, if coffee dries very slowly, it often takes on overly “boozy” or “barnyard” characteristics.

At Regalo de Dios, Natural Processed coffees are carefully dried over a period of 25 - 30 days, and each lot is checked several times each day to monitor fermentation. Luis Alberto makes sure to use raised beds to dry his Natural processed coffees because they permit constant airflow, allowing coffee to dry evenly and efficiently.

Luis’ attention to detail speaks for itself. Natural processed lots from Regalo de Dios are stunningly sweet, pleasantly fruitful, and intriguingly earthy. This lot of Yellow Catuai is no exception; lush tropical flavors meet the acidity of dried fruit finishing with the lingering complexity of high quality cocoa.

Brewing Regalo de Dios

This lot from Regalo de Dios offers a variety of vibrant fruit flavors, complemented by the rich earthy qualities one would expect from a high quality natural processed coffee.

Check out our POUR OVER GUIDE

Pour over brewing leads to a lively cup with tropical fruit aromatics, the acidity of golden raisin, and the lingering sweetness of raw honey.


Aeropress preparation will yield a full-bodied cup with a juicy mouthfeel, the sweetness of fresh pineapple, and a rich and complex cocoa finish; cooling to present slight floral qualities.