Ethiopia Tuma Tesso


Tuma Tesso

Tuma Tesso is part of the Kata Muduga Cooperative Union, a group that represents coffee producers in and around the town of Agaro, Ethiopia. Kata Muduga’s mission is to improve the lives of West-African coffee farmers by providing market access and negotiating fair and sustainable prices for green coffee.

Fall of 2019 was Tuma Tesso’s fist year of operation. The contributing farmers produced their coffee in the same high altitude forests as the members at Kolla Bolcha, another cooperative under the Kata Muduga umbrella, that is well known for putting forth highly fruitful and complex washed coffees.

Judging by the quality of this lot, Tuma Tesso will soon be held in the same regard. It is not often that you find a coffee that contains this level of fruit-forward complexity, while remaining intensely sweet and well balanced. We are looking forward to the exciting coffees that Tuma Tesso, and its members, will continue to produce in years to come.

Heirloom Variety

“Ethiopian Heirloom” and “Landrace Varieties” are general terms that refer to the massive number of coffee varieties present within Ethiopia (the current estimation is between six and ten thousand).

Little genetic testing has been performed in order to distinguish between the Heirlooms because natural cross-pollination is constantly creating new varieties in the wild. Additionally, the majority of coffee coming out of Ethiopia is being produced by thousands of smallholder farmers, further complicating traceability.

The lack of information regarding specific varieties presents some challenges that can make sourcing Ethiopian coffees more difficult. A coffee’s variety usually provides importers and roasters with insight into flavor, body, acidity, etc.; so losing that insight means that more time and resources must be allocated to find lots that match desired profiles. However, despite these challenges, “Ethiopian Heirlooms” are coveted because they produce coffees with unique and diverse flavor profiles.

The collection of varieties that make up this lot produces a coffee that combines bright stone-fruit flavors and pleasant earthy notes, with a juicy mouthfeel, and an undeniably sweet finish.

Brewing Tuma Tesso

This lot from Tuma Tesso is intensely fruitful and distinctly saccharine, offering the ideal balance of sweetness and acidity without compromising mouthfeel; no small feat for a washing station in its first year of production. 


The AeroPress will produce a coffee that combines a cherry-like acidity with the sweetness and mouthfeel of a perfectly ripe nectarine. As the cup cools the rich flavor of macadamia begins to coat the palate offering a pleasantly earthy aftertaste. 

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Pour Over preparation leads to a dynamic cup with a fruitful aroma, bright stone-fruit acidity and juicy mouthfeel; cooling to present the lingering sweetness of raw honey.