Ethiopia Nano Genji


Nano Genji Mill

Nano Genji is the sibling mill of the infamous Nano Challa, which is widely considered to be one of Ethiopia’s premier wet mills. Nano Challa’s reputation for high quality processing and consistent production leads to increased premiums for its members, and the spike in income caused the mill’s membership to swell to a level that maxed out production capacity.

Last Year the operators of the Nano Challa opened Nano Genji just a few miles down the road. Genji has state of the art wet milling equipment and dozens of raised drying beds to keep up with growing membership. There are now 630 producing members between the two mills, and they show no signs of slowing down.

This is our second consecutive year purchasing coffee from Nano Genji (via Red Fox Coffee Merchants) and we are delighted to once again offer the singular  sweetness and dynamic stone fruit flavors that this fully washed lot provides.

Ethiopian Heirloom

“Ethiopian Heirloom” and “Landrace Varieties” are generic terms that refer to the massive number of coffee varieties present within Ethiopia (the current estimation is between six and ten thousand).

Little genetic testing has been done to distinguish between the Heirlooms because natural cross-pollination is constantly creating new varieties in the wild. Additionally, the majority of coffee coming out of Ethiopia is being produced by thousands of smallholder farmers, further complicating traceability. 

The lack of information regarding specific varieties presents some challenges that can make sourcing Ethiopian coffees more difficult. A coffee’s variety usually provides importers and roasters with insight into flavor, body, acidity, etc.; not having that insight means that more time and resources must be allocated to find lots that match desired profiles. However, despite these challenges, “Ethiopian Heirlooms” are coveted because they produce coffees with highly unique and diverse flavors.

The collection of varieties that makes up this lot produces a coffee that combines diverse stone-fruit, tea-like, and floral flavors, with a syrupy mouthfeel, and a remarkably sweet finish.

Brewing Nano Genji

This lot from Nano Genji is everything one would expect from a top-tier Ethiopian coffee; clean, complex and strikingly sweet, a direct result of impeccable processing.


The Aeropress will produce a fruitful cup with prominent peach notes mixed with an array of tropical fruit flavors; cooling to present more tea-like and floral qualities. 

Check out our POUR OVER GUIDE

Pour Over preparation will yield a more complex coffee with a pleasant herbal aroma, bright stone fruit notes, and the singular sweetness of candied almonds; again displaying more floral qualities as the cup cools.