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Nano Challa Cooperative

The Nano Challa Cooperative is located within the Jimma Zone of Ethiopia just outside the town of Agaro. The Cooperative, along with its more than 600 producing members, are part of the larger Kata Muduga Cooperative Union, a group whose mission is to improve the lives of West-Ethiopian coffee farmers by providing market access and negotiating fair and sustainable prices for green coffee.

Nano Challa has reached somewhat of “celebrity status” within the specialty coffee community due to the extremely high quality lots that the mill and its members have produced over the past handful of harvests, however you would have been hard pressed to find many people familiar with Nano Challa as little as 10 years ago.

Historically mills in this area were known for producing low-grade natural processed coffees, the majority of which were being sold in the commodity marketplace.

In 2010, under the guidance of Kata Muduga, the Nano Challa Cooperative made significant investments in equipment and began implementing the washed process. Other mills in the area followed suit, forever changing the reputation of this region and its producers for the better.

Quality Processing

Now, with continued training and support from the folks at Kata Muduga, Nano Challa has firmly established its reputation for producing some of the most coveted coffees in all of Ethiopia; and it's not by accident--the mill and its members maintain meticulous standards for harvesting, sorting and processing coffee.

Members harvest their heirloom varietal cherries by hand, and transport them to the washing station in less than 24 hours. Once it arrives, workers at the station sort the coffee for quality before its outer layer of fruit is removed using a Penagos, a machine that is able to use minimal water to de-pulp and wash coffee. Each lot is then soaked overnight in order to remove the remaining fruit material from the coffee before the coffee moves on to the drying phase.

Staff at the washing station take extra time to slowly dry each lot in the shade rather than directly under the sun. This is a time-consuming process, one that requires dozens of workers to rotate and sort the coffee several times a day, and their diligent work pays off in spades.

This gentle approach to drying produces coffees with wide-ranging, yet well-structured, and astoundingly “clean” flavors. This particular lot combines a plethora of stone-fruit flavors with complex floral and tea-like qualities; offering a dynamic cup with layered sweetness.

Brewing Nano Challa

This lot is remarkably complex, pleasantly floral, and vibrantly sweet. A testament to years of experience and meticulous standards set forth by Nano Challa and its producing members.

The AeroPress will produce a coffee with layered fruit sweetness and a refreshing juice-like mouthfeel. As the cup cools a slightly spicy finish becomes more perceivable as a does a familiar tea-like aftertaste, reminiscent of Earl Grey.

Pour Over preparation yields a cup with prominent floral aromatics, pairing the initial flavor of lavender with the herbaceous sweetness of vanilla; cooling to present a plethora of lively stone-fruit notes such as peach, yellow plum, and apricot.