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Ethiopia Biloya Ethiopia Biloya Ethiopia Biloya Ethiopia Biloya
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We taste notes of: Floral, Blood Orange, Cream Soda

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Yirgacheffe is one of the premiere coffee producing regions in all of west Africa because it possesses a near perfect combination of the climate factors that are needed to produce high quality coffee; the altitude, biodiversity, and proximity to water sources are simply unmatched. The climate is warm and temperate, with wet summers and dry winters, providing structured seasons for growing, harvesting, and processing coffee. 

The majority of coffee farmers in Yirgacheffe are multi-generational, small scale landowners, often operating on just a few acres. These producers typically sell their coffee as whole cherries to centralized mills, such as Biloya, who then establish distinct flavor profiles through implementing various processing techniques.

This is a washed coffee, which intensifies this lot's clean and complex profile. The operators of the washing station sort the incoming coffee several times, using a system of canals, in order to ensure that only perfectly ripe cherries will move on to fermentation. The coffee is then stripped of its fruit before being fermented in water for 48 to 72 hours. The coffee is then shade-dried on raised beds for approximately 3 weeks.