Equinox - Fall Seasonal


CUP PROFILE: Balanced  

This coffee offers moderate levels of sweetness and acidity, leading to a rounded cup with mildly fruitful and pleasantly rich tasting notes. 

In The Cup 

This mixed processed lot from El Balsamo Quetzaltepec , El Salvador yields a balanced cup with a cocoa / stone-fruit aroma and rounded mouthfeel; anticipate notes of Cocoa, Plum , and Red Grape




Equinox is a blended coffee that was curated, and roasted, with balance in mind. Our staff has chosen to pair two of our favorite annual lots together in order to produce a coffee with complementing levels of sweetness and acidity.    

Both of the components come to us from our friends at Loma La Gloria. The single-varietal lots that we have selected are (1) a honey processed Red Bourbon and (2) a natural process Yellow Bourbon.

We find that the Red Bourbon provides the crisp acidity of red grape, while the Yellow Bourbon offers the richness of milk chocolate and aromatic qualities of baking spices; leading to an approachable cup which compliments the fall season.