El Salvador Loma La Gloria Friendship


About Loma La Gloria

Loma La Gloria, “Hill of Glory,” is owned and operated by second generation coffee producer Anny Ruth. Anny was introduced to the world of specialty coffee more than 20 years ago when her father, Roberto, purchased their family’s farm and began cultivating coffee.

Anny and her team are meticulous in regards to their natural processed lots. They harvest all of the coffee by hand to ensure that only the ripest possible cherries are being selected. The coffee is then carefully sorted by size, quality, and sugar content in order to create uniform lots, before being placed in neat rows and sun-dried in an open air environment.

The coffee is turned regularly during the drying phase in order to avoid defect, mold, and/or over-fermentation. The crew at Loma La Gloria rotates the natural processed lots multiple time each day, allowing the coffee to dry thoroughly and uniformly. Their work speaks for itself, year in and year out Anny and her team are responsible for producing some of the most complex and well-balanced El Salvadorian coffees on the market.

Friendship Lot

In March of 2019 members of our production team were able to visit Anny and her team at Loma La Gloria. They saw, first hand, the level of care that was placed into farming, harvesting, sorting, and processing each lot. In fact, they were even lucky enough to be part of the production process.

This blended lot was a collaboration between our sourcing team and Anny Ruth herself. The “Friendship lot” unites two distinct varieties, Pacamara and Red Bourbon, to create a balanced coffee with striking sweetness and complementary acidity.

The Red Bourbon was honey processed and the Pacamara was naturally processed, further highlighting the singular qualities of each variety, and adding dynamism to an already one-of-a-kind lot.

The natural processing of the Pacamara unlocks a wide range of unique citrus flavors, along with complex floral and spice notes. On the other hand, the honey processing of the red bourbon amplifies the natural sweetness that the variety is known for, and works to round out the bright acidity of the pacamara.

Brewing Friendship

This lot is the result of attentive processing and intentional varietal selection. Intense sweetness is balanced by an array of floral, spice, and citrus flavors, providing a dynamic, yet well rounded, coffee.

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Pour Over preparation will yield an exceptionally sweet cup with delicate floral aromatics and the vibrancy of citrus fruits. One can expect pleasant notes of honeysuckle, clementine, and tangerine and a light, silky, mouthfeel.


The AeroPress will amplify this coffee’s spice qualities. Upon first sip you’ll observe notes of ginger and white pepper, which bring with them pleasant warming effects. As the cup cools a more mild citrus acidity is again met with intense sweetness of cane sugar.