El Salvador Loma La Gloria Equinox


Loma La Gloria

Loma La Gloria, “Hill of Glory,” is owned and operated by second-generation coffee producer Anny Ruth. Anny was introduced to the world of specialty coffee more than 20 years ago when her father, Roberto, purchased their family’s farm and began cultivating coffee.
Anny and her team are meticulous in regards to their natural-processed lots. They harvest all of the coffee by hand to ensure that only the ripest possible cherries are being selected.

The coffee is then carefully sorted by size, quality, and sugar content in order to create uniform lots, before being placed in neat rows and sun-dried in an open-air environment.

The coffee is turned regularly during the drying phase in order to avoid defect, mold, and/or over-fermentation. The crew at Loma La Gloria rotates the natural-processed lots multiple times each day, allowing the coffee to dry thoroughly and uniformly.

Their work speaks for itself--year-in and year-out Anny and her team are responsible for producing some of the most complex and well-balanced El Salvadorian coffees on the market.

Equinox Blend

Equinox, like its name would suggest, is coffee that is curated, and roasted, with balance in mind. Our staff has chosen to pair two of our favorite annual lots together in order to produce a coffee with complementing levels of sweetness and acidity.

Both of the components come to us from our friends at Loma La Gloria. The single-varietal lots that we have combined are (1) a natural-processed Yellow Bourbon and (2) a natural-processed Orange Bourbon.

The Yellow Bourbon is responsible for the pleasant earthy qualities of this blend as well as the striking acidity of ripe stone fruit. On the other hand, the Orange Bourbon provides the intense sugary sweetness and tea-like flavors that round out the cup.

Brewing Equinox

Equinox is a unique offering that combines two of our favorite natural processed lots from our friends at Loma La Gloria. Our roasting staff chose to combine these two distinct varieties to present a coffee with near equivalent levels of sweetness and acidity.

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Pour Over preparation yields a remarkably well balanced cup. The initial acidity of peach is match by a sugary tea-like flavor most reminiscent of southern style “sweet tea”, both of which are further complemented by a pleasant cocoa aftertaste.


The AeroPress will offer a coffee with more prominent chocolate qualities and a full, syrup-like, mouthfeel; eventually cooling to present the brightness of stone fruit and sweetness of cane sugar.