Colombia Las Flores - Sidra



Fruitful and complex; this coffee produces a dynamic cup, combining lively fruit qualities with more delicate floral and/or tea-like flavors

In The Cup:

This anaerobic processed lot from Tolima, Colombia yields a vibrant cup with a juicy mouthfeel; expect lively notes of Guava, Pomegranate, Grenache, and Gummy Candy.

This unique lot experienced two phases of fermentation during post harvest processing. After the coffee cherries were collected and sorted, they were placed into shallow open-air containers and allowed to ferment aerobically (with oxygen) for approximately 17 hours. These containers are very wide, leaving as many cherries exposed to the environment as possible.

The initial oxidation/fermentation phase accelerates the break down of the coffees fruit material, due to the relatively high ambient temperature. The second phase of fermentation is done anaerobically (without oxygen) to slow down the rate of fermentation, with the goal of imparting more delicate and nuanced fruit flavors, as opposed to the striking fruitfulness that natural coffees are often know for.

After fermentation is complete, the coffee is dried for a period of 12 to 15 days. The staff at El Vergel Estates implements an “intermittent” drying technique that involves moving each lot  back and forth between raised bed and large silos. They then "stabilize” the coffee for a period of one and half months in a humid controlled vault located on site.