Colombia La Loma


Rodrigo & Claudia

Finca La Loma is owned and operated by Rodrigo Sanchez, an award winning producer, who has earned his reputation for quality through his systematic approach to varietal selection, harvesting, and processing.

While Rodrigo credits his success to his attention to detail, he is well known in the specialty coffee community for experimenting with unique varieties and innovative processing techniques.

La Loma is one of several farms and processing facilities that Rodrigo and his wife Claudia Samboni operate under the umbrella of their company Aromas del Sur; this includes a state of the art dry mill, as well as a cupping lab that overlooks Finca La Loma and the valley of Pitalito.

In the fall of 2018, members of Rothrock Coffee’s sourcing team were fortunate enough to visit La Loma and taste dozens of exceptional coffees at the cupping lab, thus beginning our producer-roaster relationship that we value immensely, and hope to continue for years to come.

Multi-variety Lot

This is a single estate, multi-variety, lot; meaning all of the coffee comes from one farm but from various varieties of coffee plants. More specifically this lot contains the following varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Gesha, Pacamara, Laurina; the majority of which are usually reserved for top-tier single varietal lots.

In this case Rodrigo has grouped these coffees together because they all had similar sugar content at the time of harvest. The team at La Loma uses sugar content (measured in Brix degrees) to determine which processing method is best for each lot.

Coffees with 24-27 degrees Brix are typically processed as washed coffees, however the cherries that make up this lot measured between 22-25 degrees Brix. Instead of including these cherries in their respective single-varietal micro-lots, Rodrigo chose to separate them out and group them together to create this new lot.

The additional sorting has allowed Rodrigo to utilize these coffee beans without diluting his ultra-premium micro-lots, all while creating a highly unique offering at an outstanding price point.

Brewing La Loma

This unique lot, from one of favorite producers, offers a wide ranging flavor profile that showcases the diversity of the various coffee varieties it contains.


The AeroPress will produce a fruitful cup with distinct apple and pear notes mixed with an array of tropical fruit flavors such as kiwi and guava. As the cup cools, more floral and tea-like qualities move to the forefront of the palate.

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Pour over preparation will yield a more balanced cup with prominent notes of fuji apple and pie crust, cooling to present a silky mouthfeel and the sweetness of cane sugar.