Colombia El Progreso



Full-bodied and smooth; this coffee presents rich chocolate and/or “nutty” notes, with hints of fruit, and the sweetness of browning sugars

In The Cup:

This washed processed lot from Huila, Colombia yields a rich cup with a velvety and dense mouthfeel; look forward to approachable notes of Melon, Cherry, and Milk Chocolate 


Finca EL Progreso is owned and operated by Rodrigo Sanchez and his wife Claudia Samboni.They are award winning producers, who have established a reputation for producing extremely high quality coffees using systematic approaches for varietal selection, harvesting, and processing.

This lot is a “field blend” meaning it contains more than one variety of coffee; more specifically, this coffee a blend of Bourbon and Caturra varieties. Rodrigo has paired these two varieties together with the goal of providing a unique cup, containing qualities specific to the terroir of his family’s farm.