Brazil Primavera


Chapada de Minas

Chapada de Minas is a tiny coffee producing region tucked away in south-eastern Brazil. What the area lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty. Massive plateaus are framed by magnificent river filled canyons that extend throughout the region.

The flat plateaus are advantageous for coffee production because they allow for the introduction of machinery in plant maintenance and fruit harvesting. Mechanical harvesting is more time efficient and cost effective than harvesting by hand, and consequently farms across Chapada de Minas report well above average output.

Coffee farming has been an essential part of the local economy in Chapada de Minas since the 1870’s, when the cultivation of coffee plants first began.

Fazenda Primavera

Fazenda Primavera is owned and operated by Ricardo Tavares, who has followed in his father's footsteps by dedicating his life to coffee production. Although he began his career by buying and selling roasted coffee, as his father had done, Ricardo had always dreamed of owning his own farm.

After several years of working on the other side of the industry, Ricardo jumped at the opportunity to purchase Fazenda Primavera. He transformed the 980 hectare (2420 acres) property from a traditional coffee farm into an industry leading specialty coffee estate.   

Primavera is outfitted with state of the art equipment, such as a 24,000 square meter drying patio, 14 electric dryers, and a full wet mill, that Ricardo and his team utilize to process natural, pulped-natural, honey, and fully washed coffees. The farm primarily grows Red and Yellow Catuai varieties, however in recent years the team at Primavera has begun experimenting with new varieties. In fact, a pulped-natural Gesha lot from Primavera won Brazil’s Cup of Excellence award in 2018.

Fazenda Primavera is an incredibly sustainable farming operation. There is an on site power plant that recycles the water used during the de-pulping process in order to create energy, and the byproducts of de-pulping are repurposed as fertilizer.

The combination of the region’s terroir, state of art facilities, and commit to sustainability make Fazenda Primavera one of the most impressive specialty coffee estates in all of Brazil, a fact that Ricardo Tavares and his team are proud of. 

Brewing Primavera

Fazenda Primavera is an industry leading farm that combines state of the art equipment with sustainable practices in order to produce some of the most dynamic coffees in all of Brazil, and this naturally processed lot of Yellow Catuai is no exception.


The AeroPress will present a full bodied coffee with vibrant fruit sweetness, reminiscent of concord grapes, and a distinct white chocolate finish.

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Pour over preparation leads to a more complex cup with delicate  floral sweetness, pleasant earth notes of dried fruit and pecan, and a  graham-cracker-like aftertaste.