Brazil Pantano


Cup Profile: Balanced  

This coffee offers moderate levels of sweetness and acidity, leading to a rounded cup with mildly fruitful and pleasantly rich tasting notes.

In The Cup:

This natural processed lot from Cerrado Miner, Brazil yields a balanced cup with a Cocoa like aroma and rounded mouthfeel; anticipate notes of Chocolate, Virginia Peanuts, and Cream


Born in 1956 in the city of Altinopolis, São Paulo state, located in the middle of the Mogiana region, Wagner Ferrero carries passion for coffee in his blood. Grandson of Italian immigrants who arrived to Brazil in 1912 to work on coffee plantations, Wagner today is one of the largest specialty coffee producers in Brazil. He inherited much of his knowledge from his mother, Versi Crivelenti Ferrero.

With over 550 hectares and 148 different varieties of coffee—including the famous Yellow Catuai, Ibaré, Topazio, Caturra, Acaiá and two exclusive varieties, UVA (IAC 125) and Yellow Bourbon LC30-10—planted in the Cerrado Mineiro region alone and another 250 hectares planted in Mogiana and elsewhere in the Minas Gerais state, Wagner uses the latest technology to produce specialty coffees with quality and sustainability. Fazenda Pantano is located in the Patos de Minas municipality near the city of Patrocinio.