Adventure Variety Box


Whether you're having a hard time choosing just one coffee or you're new to Rothrock Coffee, this variety box will give you a great overview of our approach to coffee sourcing and roasting our year-round, "signature" offerings. 

Use our Brew Guides or learn more about the coffees in your box with coffee stories below.


Single Origin Adventure

Adventure through three different coffee origins:

Brazil Lembrança / Natural

Cerrado Mineiro is recognized around the world for producing high quality coffees. The region is located in the northwestern part of the Minas Gerais State, Brazil’s most prominent agricultural area. In 2005 Cerrado Mineiro became the first Protected Geographical Indication in Brazil, with full Designation of Origin coming in 2013.

A Designation of Origin (often abbreviated as “DO”) delineates a territory that is recognized for producing a product with unique attributes not found elsewhere. The DO of Cerrado Mineiro comprises 55 municipalities that produce coffee with distinct qualities resulting from the climate, soil, altitude, and “know how” of their people.

Guatemala Los Dos Socios / Washed

Huehuetenango (weh · weh · tuh · nang · gow) is perhaps the most famous coffee producing region in Guatemala. Located in the northern highlands, this area is known for containing the highest altitude (non-volcanic) mountains in all of Central America.

High altitude areas like Huehuetenango create micro-climates that are relatively dry and cool, slowing the maturation of the coffee plants and allowing for prolonged bean development. This extended growing process helps to produce hard beans that contain a high concentration of sugars, which add sweetness and complexity to brewed coffee.

Due to the incredibly steep terrain, this region is isolated from most urban development. The remoteness of the region forces farmers to process their own coffee. Fortunately, Huehuetenango has an abundant number of rivers and small streams, making it relatively easy for producers to set up mills.

Many producers in Huehuetenango are third or fourth generation farmers, who take immense pride in the quality of their coffee. Conventional farming practices are passed down from generation to generation; however, tradition has not hindered the adoption of new technology. Producers have embraced modern agricultural practices in an effort to continuously improve their farming.

Ethiopia Chelchele / Natural

Yirgacheffe (which translates to “Land of Many Springs”) has perhaps the perfect terroir for producing high quality coffee; the combination of altitude, biodiversity, and proximity to water sources is simply unmatched.

The climate is warm and temperate, with wet summers and dry winters, providing structured seasons for growing, harvesting, and processing coffee. To the naked eye the hills of Yirgacheffe appear to be heavily forested, but in reality they are densely populated with villages of farmers growing what is commonly referred to as “garden” coffee.

The majority of these farmers are multi-generational producers, who operate on just a few acres of land, more similar in size to gardens than full production farms.

These producers typically sell their coffee as whole cherries to centralized mills, which help to establish distinct flavor profiles through implementing meticulous standards for sorting, grading, and processing coffee.

Signature Series Adventure

Adventure through our year-round Signature Coffees:

Bear Meadows - Bear Meadows highlights the approachable chocolate, nut, and spice flavors of its components, while maintaining just enough brightness to pique the interest of specialty coffee connoisseurs.

Singlespeed - As our flagship blend, Singlespeed is crafted to please the masses. Excellent as an espresso, or a filter coffee, we source and roast its components with versatility in mind. This is a do-it-all coffee that is straightforward and easy to work with, regardless of skill level… just like its namesake.

Creekside - Creekside is our lightest roasted year round offering. This coffee’s sparkling acidity and fruitful sweetness remind us of of the vibrant, yet relaxing, nature of our favorite local waterways.