Mexico Santa Cruz - Natural


CUP PROFILE:  Balanced  

this coffee offers moderate levels of sweetness and acidity, leading to a rounded cup with mildly fruitful and pleasantly rich tasting notes

Finca Santa Cruz is owned and operated by award winning producer Pepe Arguello. When Pepe purchased his farm his father was already well known producer within the Chiapas coffee community. Pepe felt that is was necessary for him to establish his own reputation by specifically targeting the specialty marketplace.

His farming practices reflect his desire for a more precise, scientifically advanced, and sustainably-focused approach to coffee production. Pepe harvests his cherries according to their Brix degrees (a measurement of the fruit’s sugar content), and uses pH measurements to determine the length of fermentation during post-harvest processing. 

Community-wise, the local workforce is integral to Finca Santa Cruz’s success in meeting demand. After the community helps harvest cherry, Pepe first floats the cherry in water, then ferments for 20-72 hours in concrete tanks depending on outside factors like weather and ambient temperature, using pH as his guide. He then dries washed parchment on raised beds with mesh covering for 17-25 days. He uses a hydrometer to measure the level of moisture in the coffee during drying. We’re excited to work together to help him customize processing for different clients and continue to invest in and improve quality. His practices also help inform and grow education in the surrounding farmer population. He carries on the legacy of his father and his community while advancing with the technologies of the present, producing a truly stellar product.