Colombia Monteblanco Purple Cattura


Cup Profile: RICH

Full-bodied and smooth; this coffee presents rich chocolate and/or “nutty” notes, with hints of fruit, and the sweetness of browning sugars.

In The Cup: 

This washed processed lot from Huila, Colombia yields a rich cup with a dense mouthfeel; look forward to approachable notes of Floral, Grapefruit, and Brown Sugar.


In the early 2000s, Rodrigo Sanchez participated in a workshop that taught the children of coffee producers how to “cup” and evaluate coffee. Shortly after, he took an interest in the trees that were planted on his family’s farms. More specifically, Rodrigo began investigating the various cultivars that his grandfather had planted in the 1980s.

He found that many of the coffees were common Colombian varieties (Caturra, Castillo, etc.), however he did stumble across a few trees that had more unique characteristics. These plants had broad leaves that resembled those of the infamous Geisha variety. Furthermore, the resulting harvest tasted quite similar to Geisha coffee.

After this discovery Rodrigo and his family began separating out lots of what would later be known as Pink Bourbon. Rodrigo discovered that his grandfather had bought a few seedlings of the variety in the 80’s when replacing trees that were lost due to leaf rust. 

Pink bourbon trees typically produce dynamic coffees that combine sparkling acidity and nuanced stone-fruit sweetness.