Guatemala Los Dos Socios



Huehuetenango (weh · weh · tuh · nang · gow) is perhaps the most famous coffee producing region in Guatemala. Located in the northern highlands, this area is known for containing the highest altitude (non-volcanic) mountains in all of Central America.

High altitude areas like Huehuetenango create micro-climates that are relatively dry and cool, slowing the maturation of the coffee plants and allowing for prolonged bean development. This extended growing process helps to produce hard beans that contain a high concentration of sugars, which add sweetness and complexity to brewed coffee.

Due to the incredibly steep terrain, this region is isolated from most urban development. The remoteness of the region forces farmers to process their own coffee. Fortunately, Huehuetenango has an abundant number of rivers and small streams, making it relatively easy for producers to set up mills.

Many producers in Huehuetenango are third or fourth generation farmers, who take immense pride in the quality of their coffee. Conventional farming practices are passed down from generation to generation; however, tradition has not hindered the adoption of new technology. Producers have embraced modern agricultural practices in an effort to continuously improve their farming.

Producer / Mill

Concepción Villatoro purchased his farm in 1990, and has been growing and harvesting coffee ever since. The name ‘Los Dos Socios’ (the two associates) refers to his relationship to God, who Concepción considers to be the other associate guiding the farm.

The property sits along an incredibly steep mountainside covered with mature Caturra and Bourbon trees, forcing Concepción to develop clever techniques for harvesting along the treacherous terrain.

Concepción proudly operates the farm with the help of his eldest son, and hopes to pass down the farm (along with his agricultural expertise) to his grandchildren.

Brewing Los Dos Socios

This lot is the result of an experienced producer making best use of their environmental conditions.

Pour over brewing will present a delightfully well balanced coffee that pairs the mild bitterness of toasted almonds with the striking acidity, and sweetness, of cocktail cherries; as the cup cools chocolate qualities intensify.

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The AeroPress will offer a more full bodied cup that is slightly less fruitful. Again, one can expect the initial flavor of toasted almonds, this time meeting the confectionary sweetness of toffee, along with the richness of bakers chocolate.

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