Colombia El Guadual


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Region: Huila

The majority of farms in Huila are owned by relatively small landholders, many of whom have made concerted efforts over the past decade to produce specialty grade coffees that showcase the area’s dynamic terroir. Nutrient dense soils are matched with high altitude mountain ranges and widespread biodiversity; creating highly unique microclimates.

Farmers work to ensure quality by implementing selective harvesting, meticulous sorting, and attentive processing; these types of measures, combined with unique climatory factors, have helped Hulia become one of the most highly regarded coffee producing regions in the world.

Meet the Producer

Jose Daney Gomez is a young, yet highly skilled, specialty coffee producer who believes that quality and sustainability are paramount. At Jose Daney’s farm, Los Guaduales, he produces organic coffee cultivated from just a few varieties; the highly sought after Gesha, the more abundant produced Variedad Colombia, and the highly unique Variedad Cantillo.

Variedad Cantillo is a rare tiger-striped mutation of the more commonly cultivated Colombia variety. Cantillo was first discovered, and later made famous, by Jose Daney’s father in law, Eugenio Cantillo Ossa. Eugenio, along with his brother Isaías, won the 2007 Cup of Excellence award with a lot of Variedad Cantillo.

Los Guaduales is located in Divino Niño, Suaza, which is in the northeastern corner of Huila, and just steps away Eugenio’s farm. The two farms are so close to each other that they share a wet mill.

We are honored to be able to offer such a unique coffee from a young producer who has a sincere passion for quality and sustainability, and we hope that we are able to work with Jose Daney in the years to come.

Brew Notes

This lot contains Variedad Cantillo, a unique mutation of the more commonly cultivated Colombia variety. We’ve found that, regardless of brew method, Cantillo produces a cup with distinct topical fruit notes and nuanced sweetness.

Pour over brewing will offer a fruit-forward cup with complementary levels of sweetness and acidity. The initial flavor and aroma of white peach subsides to present the tropical sweetness of pineapple. With time, the unique qualities of meyer lemon become more prominent, rounding out the cup, and providing an exceptional aftertaste.

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AeroPress brewing will yield a cup with slightly higher levels of sweetness and a juice-like mouthfeel. Expect an array of tropical tasting notes, including pineapple, mango, and kiwi, once again meeting the pleasant citric qualities of meyer lemon.

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