Bear Meadows


Bear Meadows highlights the approachable chocolate, nut, and spice flavors of its components, while maintaining just enough brightness to pique the interest of specialty coffee connoisseurs.

La Loma

Finca La Loma is owned and operated by Rodrigo Sanchez, an award winning producer, who has earned his reputation for quality through his systematic approach to varietal selection, harvesting, and processing. While Rodrigo credits his success to his attention to detail, he is well known in specialty coffee community for experimenting with unique varieties and innovative processing techniques.

This is a single estate, multi-variety, lot; meaning all of the coffee comes from one farm but from various varieties of coffee plants. More specifically this lot contains the following varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Gesha, Pacamara, Laurina; the majority of which are usually reserved for top-tier single varietal lots.

In this case Rodrigo has grouped these coffees together because they all had similar sugar content at the time of harvest. The team at La Loma uses sugar content (measured in Brix degrees) to determine which processing method is best for each lot.

Coffees with 24-27 degrees Brix are typically processed as washed coffees, however the cherries that make up this lot measured between 22-25 degrees Brix. Instead of including these cherries in their respective single-varietal micro-lots Rodrigo chose to separate them out and group them together. The additional sorting has allowed Rodrigo to utilize these coffee beans without diluting his ultra-premium micro-lots, all while creating a highly unique offering at an outstanding price point.


Paubrasil, named for Brazil’s national tree, is a classic example of a natural processed coffee from Cerrado Mineiro. This lot showcases the expertise of well seasoned farmers using the best available technology to produce exceptionally well balanced coffees that display specific origin characteristics.

Most farms within Cerrado Mineiro are medium to large scale estates, which are lined with row after row of neatly positioned coffee trees. Producers take advantage of the gradual slopes of the region by using machines to quickly and efficiently harvest their coffee.

Cerrado Mineiro is known for having well structured seasons; hot wet summers are followed by dry winters. Farmers harvest and process their coffee in the winter months and the lack of humidity during this time allows natural processed coffees to dry thoroughly and evenly, without risk of defect.

These harvesting and processing conditions, in addition to the soil content, altitude, and other climatory features, are responsible for the singular profile of coffees from Cerrado Mineiro; pleasant earth notes balanced with a distinct confectionary-like sweetness.

Brewing Bear Meadows

Bear Meadows is popular auto-drip option for those looking for a smooth and approachable everyday cup of coffee.

We recommend starting with a brew ratio of 60 grams of coffee for every liter of water, and adjusting the dose to taste in small increments (+ or - 3 grams at a time).

Under extraction will lead to slightly tart cup that provides a sharp unbalanced finish, while over extraction will yield an overly earthy, “one-note,” coffee that lacks sweetness.

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