Adventure Variety Box


Whether you're having a hard time choosing just one coffee or you're new to Rothrock Coffee, this variety box will give you a great overview of our approach to coffee sourcing and roasting our limited release offerings. 

Use our Brew Guides or learn more about the coffees in your box with coffee stories below.


Single Origin Adventure

Adventure through three different coffee origins:

Ethiopia: Tuma Tesso

The Tuma Tesso washing station is part of the larger Kata Muduga Cooperative Union, a group that represents coffee producers from the community of Agaro, Ethiopia. Kata Muduga’s mission is to improve the lives of West-Ethiopian coffee farmers by providing market access and negotiating fair and sustainable prices for green coffee.

Tuma Tesso is a relatively new washing station, with the Fall of 2019 being the facility’s first year of operation. The contributing members grow their coffee in lush high altitude forests outside the town of Agaro; within the same micro region as the members at Kolla Bolcha, another cooperative under the Kata Muduga umbrella, that is well-known for putting forth highly fruitful and complex coffees.

El Salvador: Equinox

Loma La Gloria, “Hill of Glory,” is owned and operated by second generation coffee producer Anny Ruth. Anny was introduced to the world of specialty coffee more than 20 years ago when here father, Roberto, purchased their family’s farm and began cultivating coffee.

Anny and her team are meticulous in regards to their natural and honey processed lots. They harvest all of the coffee by hand to ensure that only the ripest possible cherries are being selected. The coffee is then carefully sorted by size, quality, and sugar content in order to create uniform lots, before being placed in neat rows and sun-dried in an open air environment.

Each lot is turned regularly during the drying phase in order to avoid defect, mold, and/or over-fermentation. The crew at Loma La Gloria rotates the natural processed coffees multiple time each day, allowing them to dry thoroughly and uniformly.

Their work speaks for itself, year in and year out Anny and her team are responsible for producing some of the most complex and well-balanced El Salvadorian coffees on the market.

Colombia: El Progreso

Finca El Progreso is owned and operated by Rodrigo Sanchez and his wife Claudia Samboni. They are award winning producers, who have established a reputation for producing extremely high quality coffees using systematic approaches for varietal selection, harvesting, and processing.

While Rodrigo credits his success to his attention to detail, he is well known in specialty coffee community for experimenting with unique varieties and innovative processing techniques.

The majority of farms in Hulia are owned by relatively small landholders, many of whom have made concerted efforts over the past decade to produce specialty grade coffees that showcase the area’s dynamic terroir. Nutrient dense soils are matched with high altitude mountain ranges and widespread biodiversity; creating highly unique microclimates.

Farmers work to ensure quality by implementing selective harvesting, meticulous sorting, and attentive processing; these types of measures, combined with unique climatory factors, have helped Hulia become one of the most highly regarded coffee producing regions in the world.