Stagg [X] Pour Over Set

Modern and Considered. The Stagg’s clean design compliments the brewers functionality; making it a match for anyone looking to elevate their morning cup.

The Stagg’s steep slope and unique drip pattern allow you to produce a cup with stunning complexity and depth of flavor. 
Includes: Coffee Dripper, 20 filters, Tasting Glass
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Let's Brew El Progreso

This “Double Fermentation” lot from our friends at El Progreso is wonderfully complex and delightfully sweet, presenting highly unique tropical and pastry-like flavors.

Pour Over preparation will lead to fruitful coffee that is tempered by rich sweetness. Expect the flavor, and mildly tart acidity, of passionfruit paired with the refreshing qualities of fresh lychee. As the cup cools the rich, cream-like, sweetness of vanilla custard begins to present itself.

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The AeroPress will produce a slightly more full-bodied cup, further highlighting this coffee’s cream-like custard qualities. Once again, expect the sweetness of fresh lychee and mild tartness of passionfruit.

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