Mexico San Francisco Ozolotepec


More about this lot...

This lot was sourced from a group of 14 producers (9 women, 5 men), all of whom own and operate small farms in and around the community of San Francisco Ozolotepec, which is located in south-eastern portion of the Oaxaca region.

Sourcing coffee from this area has proven to be a difficult process as of late. There is a high degree of competition for these lots, due in part to increased demand for Oaxacan coffee in the domestic marketplace, as well as the fact that the majority of Mexican coffee farmers own relatively small parcels of land, some producing as little as five to ten kilograms of coffee each year.

We were fortunate enough to acquire this lot with the help of Osito Coffee and their supply chain partners on the ground in Mexico. In order to compile a lot that was large enough to sell and transport, a considerable amount of time and effort was put into finding coffees from multiple producers that were…

1 - grown at comparable altitudes,
2 - of similar screen sizes,
3 - processed using similar practices, and
4 - had nearly identical measurements for moisture content and water activity

The result of that hard work is a lot with a unique background, which displays well-balanced tasting notes that are indicative of San Francisco Ozolotepec sub-region.

Brewing San Francisco Ozolotepec

Pleasantly earthy, with approachable acidity and lingering sweetness, this community lot is an example of a modern, specialty grade, Mexican coffee.

Pour over brewing will yield an exceptionally well balanced cup with the welcoming aroma of fresh citrus. The initial flavor of toasted pecans is met by the acidity of sweet citrus fruits (think tangerine and lime), and the herbaceous sweetness of vanilla.

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AeroPress brewing will offer a slightly earthier cup with a delightful silk-like mouthfeel. Expect notes such as pecan and dark chocolate, once again transitioning into more lively citrus notes, and a rich vanilla finish.

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