Heat Wave - Summer Seasonal


CUP PROFILE: Balanced  

This coffee offers moderate levels of sweetness and acidity, leading to a rounded cup with mildly fruitful and pleasantly rich tasting notes

In The Cup:

This mixed processed lot from Mexico and Ethiopia yields a balanced cup with a Cocoa like aroma and rounded mouthfeel; anticipate notes of Hibiscus, Raspberry, and Jam


Heat Wave is a seasonal offering that is comprised of two of the best single origin coffees we’ve tasted this year! The first is a washed processed coffee from award winning producer Pepe Arguello in Chiapas, Mexico, and the second is honey processed coffee from our friends at the Nano Genji Washing Station in Agaro, Ethiopia. 

Our roasting team chose to blend these two distinct coffees together in order to provide a balanced cup with a flavor profile that compliments the summer season. 

The washed lot from Pepe Arguello offers rich aromatics and prominent citrus notes, which are complemented perfectly by the nuanced tropical qualities and intense sweetness of the washed processed Ethiopian.