Ethiopia Koke Washed



Fruitful and complex; this coffee produces a dynamic cup, combining lively fruit qualities with more delicate floral and/or tea-like flavors.

In The Cup: 

This Washed processed lots from Ethiopia, yields a balanced cup with a smooth mouthfeel; look forward to approachable notes of Orange, Blueberry, and Oolong Tea


The Koke Washing Station sits on a large hill, with dozens of farms growing coffee both above and below the facility. For the last three years Koke’s managers have separated out higher and lower elevation coffees in an effort to ensure that only the best coffee is being sold to members of the specialty coffee community. 

Coffee cherries that are destined for washed processing are sorted by hand in order to remove any under or over ripe fruit. The cherries are then de-pulped (their outer layers of fruit are removed) and the mucilage covered beens are placed into cement tanks where they will ferment, in water, for 36-72 hours.

After fermentation, the coffee is soaked in clean water (with a pH of 7.8). Each lot is then carefully dried for 18-21 days on any number of the facility’s 89 raised drying beds. The staff at Koke carefully monitors the speed at which the coffee is drying, in order to preventing moisture from being lost too quickly,  in an effort to preserve the coffee’s distinct flavor profile.