Colombia Timana


CUP PROFILE: Balanced  

This coffee offers moderate levels of sweetness and acidity, leading to a rounded cup with mildly fruitful and pleasantly rich tasting notes.

In The Cup:

This washed processed lot from Colombia, Huila yields a balanced cup with a cocoa and citrus aroma with a silky mouthfeel; anticipate notes of Vanilla, Pear, and Toffee.



From the South of Huila, in the municipality called Timana, we bring you this wonderful coffee that we have partnered up with from the Producers of El Vergel. El Vergel has been a staple for us at Rothrock for 3 straight years running. Its also been one of the staff favorite coffee releases we have put out to date.

This new coffee called Timana made up from 4 coffee growers in this beautiful region. Where the Timana town seems to be taken from a fairy tale. For this occasion, El Vergel had the opportunity to work with 5 coffee growers, Duver Samboni, Mercedes Rojas, Reinel Perdomo, and Don Ovidio Ascencio, With whom they developed a process with a 24 hour fermentation and drying in the sun, gathering all the batches, to obtain a homogeneous cup and highlight the sweetness of this origin.

We hope to make this is yearly staple as well to complement our other yearly fresh harvest from El Vergel.